Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Positive Things About Jury Duty

Last week I had jury duty.  Usually you hear people moaning about having jury duty and they'll look for any way to get out of having to go.  It was sorta dull if you didn't get picked (and I didn't) and the chairs we had to sit in were monstrously uncomfortable but at the same time, I found there were some very positive points:

  • Unlimited drawing time--the above drawing is one of many that I finished last week.  
  • A stack of People, In Style and Us Magazines about 2 feet high and four feet across and time to read them all the way through without people yelling "Mooooommmm!" or a nurse interrupting you just as you get to something interesting.
  • Unlimited free coffee.
  • Interesting new aquaintences with whom you can commiserate about the unfortable seating, share insights with about our judicial system and how glad that you weren't on that awful Casey Anthony trial.
  • Free parking
  • $9 a day

    Not such a bad deal in my opinion.

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