Saturday, July 24, 2010

Design Blog

It hasn't been that blissful creating a design blog.

After much gnashing of teeth, some swearing and major eyestrain, I've finally gotten my design blog up.  I wouldn't quite say it's running.  I still very much prefer the format and ease of use that DeviantArt gives me but it's been implied that people might not take me seriously on Deviant.  It's too really bad, because their interface is a dream to use for a portfolio.  Blogger -- not so much.  Someone suggested though, that I use Photobucket for image placement and it's great because you can upload an entire  file of images in less than a minute.  For anyone else who has felt the need to hurl their computer out of a window when trying to set up an entire image collection on blogger the solution I found was this:  after you've placed about three images in compose mode, hit return a couple of times to start a new row.  Otherwise your pix are all over the place.  Who knew?

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